The Power of Deeper URLs: UK…

The Power of Deeper URLs: UK Market [On-Demand Video]

How to stay ahead of the competition using data analytics

As consumer expectations become more demanding, digital marketing must and has evolved. Marketers are then increasingly faced with a data dilemma – either having too few or too much data to inform decision making.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why visit share has become an “out-dated” metric
  • How native search is the biggest threat to Google
  • How marketers can drive audience share and category growth

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We Are Increasingly Using Middlemen Online

Our time spent online is increasingly dedicated towards middlemen as we search for the best prices and deals. This trend is most notable in the finance and travel industries. Hitwise data illustrates how travel sites have all grown in visit share YOY in September 2018. Financial aggregator sites have also seen impressive YOY growth with leaping +21%.

Visit Growth Among Aggregators
Sep 2018 YoY

Quantify your Search Share on Retailer or Third Party Sites

The sports and leisure category is one of the fastest-growing verticals on Amazon. This chart compares Amazon’s search share for 5 key outdoor clothing and equipment brands. Looking at these brands, Mountain Warehouse saw almost 500,000 hits from Amazon’s onsite searches (a rise of 33% compared to the previous month). Although a smaller scale brand, Coleman saw a significant uplift with 92% growth compared to April 2018.

Outdoor Clothing & Equipment Brands
on Amazon Search Share

Track Conversions vs. the Competition 

This example illustrates how deeper URLs can be used at both category and product level to drive performance. We look at Amazon and John Lewis within the baby and toddler category. In April 2018, Amazon saw a -8% drop in purchases for baby and toddler MoM, and a slight decrease in their conversion rate. John Lewis, however, saw the opposite trend with a +6% rise in purchases and an almost +14% leap in their conversion rate MoM.

Amazon vs. John Lewis – Baby & Toddler Category
Total Purchases and Conversion Rates

Watch the video to learn about deeper URLs with search

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