The Power of Deeper URLs: US…

The Power of Deeper URLs: US Market [On-Demand Video]

Data Analytics to Stay Ahead of the Competition

As consumer expectations become more demanding, digital marketing must and has evolved. Marketers are then increasingly faced with a data dilemma– either having too few or too much data to inform decision making.

In this video, Hitwise uncovers simple and actionable solutions to combat this data dilemma. We walk through how businesses can draw insights to enhance their digital marketing campaigns.

  • How can product or article level data change your view of a competitor?
  • How does native search threaten Google, but provide opportunities for you?
  • What actions can publishers and marketers take to drive growth with these deeper data sets?

Retailers: Missing out on hottest trends

Zooming into beauty searches trending on Amazon during September 2018, we can see that the top search term was “essential oil”. We can also identify a few search variations for oil. For retailers who are trying to discover the latest ingredient or feature for a particular product, an internal search analysis like this is vital.

Top beauty department searches on Amazon
September 2018

Variations of search terms containing "essential oil"

Brands: Blind spot of ‘digital shelf’ share

The chart below displays the volume of searches for several appliance brands on three major retailer sites: Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy. We can see that Whirlpool has about 1.7 million page views on Lowe’s, while the views on Home Depot are about 1.2 million. Using Hitwise product trackers, we are provided with a variety of metrics that could be important to appliance manufacturers in determining their retail partnerships. For example, we can see the percentage share of digital shelf life over time or the number of products receiving views.

Can’t tell if you are winning or losing on the retailer sites?

Page views of appliance brands on Lowe's, Home Depot, and Best Buy

Publishers: Missing out on customer segments?

With internal searches on top retailer sites, we can discover how people are shopping for ingredients within the food and drink category. It is evident that people shopping on Walmart are more likely to search for onions and poppy seeds, while people on Amazon search for paprika and vanilla beans.

Are you missing content that could engage new consumers?

Consumers are searching for different ingredients on Amazon vs. Walmart

Watch this video to learn about the power of deeper URLs

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