Search Masterclass 2019 [On-Demand Video]

Search Masterclass 2019 [On-Demand Video]

How to Reach, Acquire and Win Back your Audience: 3 Tactics for 2019

Search data has become invaluable to marketers. We are able to segment through demographics, interests, behaviours and purchasing habits, allowing us to build a complete picture of consumers and how to reach them.

We cover an array of verticals in our Hitwise On-Demand Masterclass. See how Brexit is affecting searches, and use brands like Tesco and Airbnb to provide examples on how to reach, expand and retain customers.

We show you how to:

  • Acquire new, growing audiences by discovering what your segments care about
  • Save your audience at risk by understanding your audiences’ behaviours
  • Win back your lost audiences using clickstream data

Acquire new audiences

Using this property example, we are able to understand what consumer groups are likely to search for. As a result, we can acquire new and growing audiences by avoiding generalisations.

Discover What Your Segments Care About
Searches for “First Time Buyers” – Over-Indexed Terms by Segment 

Source: Hitwiseand Fresco, UK. Search variations of “first time buyer” by Fresco segment. 9 weeks to 2 March, 2019. 

Save your audience at risk

To save audiences at risk, we need to identify when consumers choose Tesco and when consumers do not choose Tesco. Here, we can see what people search for and do not search for when choosing Tesco. Being able to differentiate between Tesco and Nectar loyalists, it allows the brand to arrange personalised offers, enticing consumners to directly choose Tesco all the time.

Understand Why They Choose You and Why They Don’t
Over-Indexed Searches

LoyalistsGroceries (reach going to Tesco sites)Retail (reach going to Tesco sites)Groceries (reach going to Sainsbury’s/Argos sites)Retail reach going to Sainsbury’s/Argos sites)
Tesco and Nectar1. Grape Juice1. Garden Furniture 1. Stir Fry Ingredients1. Small Double Bed
Tesco and Nectar2. Low Calorie Seeds 2. Fridge Freezer2. Honey Nut Oatmeal 2. Vax Cylinder Hoover 
Tesco and Nectar3. Pink Gin 3. Garden Bench3. Bold Washing powder 3. No Carbs Protein Bars
Tesco and Nectar4. Party Platters4. Washing Machine 4. Courgetti4. Airbed
Tesco and Nectar5. Birthday Cake 5. Mini Fridge5. Teriyaki Sauce 5. Airbed
Teso only/ Nectar only1. Heck Sausages (Tesco)1. Rattan Garden Furniture (Tesco) 1. Scent Free Washing Powder (Nectar)1. Retractable Washing Line (Nectar)
Teso only/ Nectar only2. Soya Mince (Tesco)2. Gas BBQ (Tesco)2. Best Supermarket Red Wine (Nectar)2. Dyson (Nectar)
Teso only/ Nectar only3. Edamame Beans (Tesco)3. Sun Loungers (Tesco)3. Low Sugar Yoghurt Brands UK (Nectar)3. iPhone 6 (Nectar)
Teso only/ Nectar only4. Reece Sweets (Tesco)4. God of War(Tesco) 4. Bread Free Yeast (Nectar)4. Gaming Laptops (Nectar)
Teso only/ Nectar only5. Jack Daniels (Tesco)5. PS4 (Tesco)5. Gluten Free Pastry (Nectar)5. Mattress (Nectar)

Source: Hitwiseand Kantar Media TGI. Variable = If Tesco Clubcard or Nectar Card and has been used in the past 3 months AND have visited Tesco/ Sainsbury’s or Argos’ website within 4 rolling weeks to 05-May-2018. 

Win back your lost audiences

If we analyse where users move to after visiting the Airbnb site, it is evident that about 20% return to their search journeys on Google, followed by other travel aggregators. Most notably, between August and September, and Google appear to lose their search share. Whilst, Hometogo and grew by over 20%, highlighting the need to devise win-back strategies.

Identify Where Else Your Browsers Go
Airbnb Browsers  Downstream Sites from Airbnb

Source: Hitwise, UK.Downstream sites and top searches for Airbnb’s  Browseraudience.

Learn how to use search data to retain your customers

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