Travel Masterclass 2019 [On-Demand Video]

Travel Masterclass 2019 [On-Demand Video]

How to grow Bookers by Destination: 3 Tactics for 2019

With Brexit impacting travel players in different ways, getting to know your browsers is necessary to keep hold of loyal customers in political uncertainty.

Watch our 15-minute on-demand webinar where we dive into how search and clickstream data can facilitate in winning back customers from competitors. With acquiring new target audiences, we show you examples of the best practices in how companies like Airbnb are using digital behavioral data (searches, OTA sites, publishers) to acquire new bookers.

In this on-demand masterclass, we cover:

  • Developing a strategic Brexit strategy
  • Strategies and tactics to convert your browsers into bookers
  • Latest techniques to target new audiences by location

Get to know your browsers as well as your buyers

From the months of July to September, we can see the number of unique users on Airbnb’s site during the holiday peak period. We can take the browsers and the bookers and begin to keep track of and benchmark conversion rates. Over the months, we can see that the conversion rates increased despite browsers slowly declining.

Airbnb Browsers vs. Bookers
Unique Users and Conversion Rate by Month

Source: Hitwise, Bookers = Check out on Airbnb’s site. Browsers = Visited, did not check out on Airbnb’s site. Conversion Rate = Number of Bookers / Number of Total Visitors. Each month contains four weeks to July = 04-08, August = 01-09, September 29-09. 

Identify where else your browsers go directly after your site.

So, where are Airbnb browsers going after they visit their site? Using clickstream data, we can look at where the Airbnb browsers go after visiting them. The majority went back to Google, most likely to start a new search, and a portion of them went directly to However, when we look at the portion of downstream traffic from Airbnb during the September vs. August period, we can see an uplift of over 20% of Airbnb browsers visiting HomeToGo and, and a significant 23% drop of browsers going to Google.

Airbnb Browsers
Downstream Sites from Airbnb – Sep vs. Aug 2018

Source: Hitwise, Browsers = Visited, did not check out on Airbnb’s site. Period = 4 weeks ending 29-09-2018. * Relative Difference in Downstream Share, compared to 4 weeks ending 01-09-2018

Understand why they visit your competition and identify “lost” destinations through search

Breaking it down even further, we can look at Airbnb’s browsers and see what they did next within competitor sites. Here, we see the key search terms that are performing within these sites to begin to understand the reasons why browsers are dropping. Airbnb can then use these terms for content opportunities and PPC campaigns to target these audiences. 

Airbnb Browsers
Searches to Competitor Sites – Sep vs. Aug 2018

Watch the video to learn how to convert your browsers into bookers

Want to view the slides? Click Here

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