Uncovering the Retailer Black Box 2018…

Uncovering the Retailer Black Box 2018 [On Demand Video]

Category and product level analytics for retailers and brands

Despite thousands and thousands of brands online, the top ten retailers account for 44% of all online retail traffic in the UK. Amazon alone attracts 26% of this traffic, with consumers increasingly starting their search journey on the e-tailing giant. The dominance of Amazon is undeniable. Very few brands only sell direct. Many must rely on retailers and partner channels to generate sales, and as a result, are left with little insight other than their own sales figures.

We call this the Retailer Black Box – the blind spot of a brand’s true performance on retailer sites, and equally important, the retailer’s blind spot when it comes to benchmarking across competitor sites.

This webinar will cover how to:

  • Dig deeper within a retailer’s site: Benchmarking category performance on Amazon, John Lewis and Tesco
  • Identify trending brands and products: Understanding why categories have risen or fallen, and how to spot hot products
  • Track page views to conversions: Understanding a brand’s true conversion, and how to put into context against competitor brands
  • Uncover top stats from Amazon Prime Day: Identifying the top categories, brands and products
  • Plan for Peak in 2018: Detailing top recommendations and tactics for peak retail period (Cyber Week and Christmas Week)

Despite thousands of brands, the top 10 retailers account for 44% of all retail traffic

Zooming into the retail landscape and looking at who is receiving traffic, we can see that the landscape is dominated by a handful of players. These top 10 retailers account for almost half of all retail traffic online for the past year. In particular, Amazon dominates with 25% of all online retail traffic.

Visit Share to Top 10 Retailer Sites
How much do retailers dominate online?

Source: Hitwise, Share to Shopping & Classifieds Industry

Amazon saw over 89 million visits and processed almost 7 million transactions on Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day started on 16th July and lasted for 36 hours. When we look at online performance, visits to Amazon’s site over these 2 days reached over 89 million in the UK. Almost 7 million transactions were also processed, and compared to last year, these figures were up by 10.4%.

Transactions on Amazon
Prime Day YOY (in millions) 

Source: Hitwise. YoY = Prime Day 2017 (10-11 July) was six calendar days earlier than Prime Day 2018 (16-17 July). YoY dates are lined up by the number of days leading up to Prime Day.

Top of the funnel metrics like onsite searches help uncover the customer’s full journey on a retailer’s site

Onsite searches can help us to understand the full customer journey on retail sites. In this chart, we compare Amazon’s search share for the top 5 brands driving growth in the outdoor clothing and equipment category. Mountain Warehouse saw almost 500,000 hits from Amazon onsite searches in May 2018, which was a 33% increase from April 2018. Out of the 5 brands, although small in volume, Coleman saw the largest growth at 92% in terms of Amazon search traffic.

Outdoor Clothing & Equipment Brands on Amazon
Search Share in April & May 2018

Source: Hitwise, Retailer Analytics Data. Top Searches on Amazon than led to Product Pages for top 500,000 searches in May/April 2018.

Watch the video to learn about the retailer black box

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