Amazon Monthly Trends: April 2018

Amazon Monthly Trends: April 2018

Exclusive Look Into Amazon’s Key Products, Brands & Category Trends

What’s Trending?

In April, traffic to most retail categories dipped slightly, with the execption of Home & Garden. Baby skincare products shot up in Beauty, while travel and outdoor clothing items topped the shelves in Apparel. TurboTax remained the top-seller even at the tail-end of tax season, and SanDisk eclipsed HP as the 2nd top-selling brand in electronics. Although Grocery has seen a consistent drop in traffic since February, newcomer “bubly” flew off the shelves with their variety pack of sparkling water.

Beauty & Health

The Beauty category saw a small dip in traffic in April, but the drop was smaller on Amazon. Purchases of baby skincare products rose, and the Tumeric Curcumin tablets took back the #1 sales spot for the first time since February.

US Amazon April 2018: Beauty


Electronics traffic fell sharply in April, particularly on Amazon. SanDisk eclipsed HP for 2nd place, and although tax prep software dropped as a category, it was still the #1 product in April — apparently Americans cut tax season close.

US Amazon April 2018: Electronics

Home & Garden

Moving into early summer, Home & Garden shows less decline than other categories — and even some slight growth outside of Amazon. Purchases of cross-stitch patterns rose, while blankets and bedding sub-categories declined.

US Amazon April 2018: Home & Garden

Apparel & Accessories

Although Apparel traffic dropped in April, socks, travel gear and exercise clothes flew off the shelves. Fascinators, a staple of British fashion, were popular, along with “Lock Laces,” patented no-tie shoelaces.

US Amazon April 2018: Apparel


Amazon grocery traffic dipped for the third month in a row, but a few brands bubbled to the surface — like bubly, competitors to Perrier and La Croix. Sales of the sparkling water variety pack shot up this month, although Perrier did as well.

US Amazon April 2018: Grocery

Why Amazon Analytics?

Over 20 years, Amazon has mastered the art of meeting consumer demand. As a result, the e-tail giant owns about 44% of e-commerce, and 4% of the US retail market. More recently, Amazon expanded into home and health services, suggesting no consumer-facing company is safe.

Most brands have resigned to sell their products on Amazon, but get only limited access to the merchant analytics. Retail marketplaces compete against Amazon with niche products and customer loyalty, but are shut out from the vast shopping data hidden within Amazon’s “black box.”

Hitwise has the key to the black box. We offer a 360° view of what is researched and bought on Amazon. eTailers can finally see:
• Product trends by category
• Purchase trends by category
• Brands that are selling more vs. struggling
• Fast-rising categories and sub-categories

To find out how you can stay ahead of your competitors, read about competitive benchmarking and consumer insights.

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