Amazon Monthly Online Shopping Trends Report:…

Amazon Monthly Online Shopping Trends Report: March 2018

Exclusive Look Into Amazon’s Key Products, Brands & Category Trends

What’s Trending?

This month retail started recovering from its post-holiday hangover, as category growth was seen across four out of five Amazon categories. From warm-weather apparel to swimming pools and party foods, more consumers are stepping outside and enjoying spring. Grocery was the only category that fell within Amazon, although it may just be equalizing after a bump in Valentine’s Day chocolate sales in February. Brands like Sonicare and TCL enjoyed rapid sales of new products on Amazon, while staples like the Instant Pot remained stronger than ever.

Beauty & Health

Vitamin brand “NOW” topped the Beauty charts yet again in March, as Sonicare came in 2nd with their new Essence+ toothbrush. GirlZone, trendy purveyor of body glitter and hair color for girls, also shot up in popularity.

US Amazon March: Beauty


Electronics grew in March, with Samsung and SD carrying strong sales. Panasonic earphones ranked 2nd after TurboTax, while Roku Smart TV sales shot up nearly 5x. GPS systems and accessories were also popular this month.

US Amazon March 2018: Electronics

Home & Garden

In March the Instant Pot not only ranked #1 in sales, it also eclipsed Zinus (a mattress brand) for 2nd place brand after OXO. As interest in snow products thawed, summer swimming pools and wind spinners gained traction.

US Amazon March 2018: Home & Garden

Apparel & Accessories

Apparel showed strong growth on Amazon this month, led by best-sellers Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. Winter apparel fell out of favor, while baby girl clothes, authentic kilts, and a high-converting yacht hat drove sales.

US Amazon March 2018: Apparel


Grocery was the only Amazon category to dip (slightly) this month, as the category lost traction from Feb Valentine’s Day sweets. Beef was a top seller, while Almond Breeze converted well as a popular “add on “ product.

US Amazon March 2019: Grocery

Spotlight: Handmade Category

Handmade Momentum Sinks in March

Amazon’s Handmade shop launched last year directly in competition with Etsy, and it showed promise. The category pulled solid growth during the holidays, and even increased sales in February (when most categories fell post-Christmas). But as the rest of retail recovered in March, Handmade’s purchases fell by 16%, and traffic sunk by 22%.

US Amazon March 2018: Handmade Category

Below, we see the top ten most-purchased handmade goods on Amazon in March, with custom decals and elderberry syrup topping the list for both sales and conversion rates. Interestingly, the homemade elderberry kit was #1 selling product in February. Handmade cards also appear to convert well, while customized jewelry and signs attract more attention than purchases.

US Amazon March 2018: Top Selling Products

Why Amazon Analytics?

Over 20 years, Amazon has mastered the art of meeting consumer demand. As a result, the e-tail giant owns about 44% of e-commerce, and 4% of the US retail market. More recently, Amazon expanded into home and health services, suggesting no consumer-facing company is safe.

Most brands have resigned to sell their products on Amazon, but get only limited access to the merchant analytics. Retail marketplaces compete against Amazon with niche products and customer loyalty, but are shut out from the vast shopping data hidden within Amazon’s “black box.”

Hitwise has the key to the black box. We offer a 360° view of what is researched and bought on Amazon. eTailers can finally see:
• Product trends by category
• Purchase trends by category
• Brands that are selling more vs. struggling
• Fast-rising categories and sub-categories

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