Amazon Monthly Trends: February 2018

Amazon Monthly Trends: February 2018

Exclusive Look Into Amazon’s Top Products, Brands & Categories

What’s Trending?

In the wake of the holidays, almost all categories dipped in February compared to January — except home services, which we spotlight at the end of the report. Electronics fell the most (with the exception of seasonal products like TurboTax), while the Beauty industry saw the least loss, as tanning oils shot up in an early anticipation for summer. Trending products in both Grocery and Apparel included gifts for Valentines Day, while the Instant Pot continued flying off the shelf in Home & Garden.

Beauty & Health

This month turmeric vitamins topped the charts, as did the ever-popular Aztec Clay Mask. Alternative brands like Art of the Root and Global Healing Center skyrocketed, as did tanning oils and sunscreens in anticipation of summer.

Amazon Feb 2018: Beauty & Health


Electronics (particularly on Amazon) showed the most drastic post-holiday drop. Growth areas included tax software, and interior and exterior computer components, suggesting a growing desire for at-home computer assembly.

Amazon Feb 2018: Electronics

Home & Garden

Amazon’s Home & Garden category also dropped this month, although staples like the InstantPot remained strong. UniteStone and Breezypals rose in the ranks with their Valentine’s Day offerings, as did specialty spoons.

Amazon Feb 2018: Home & Garden

Apparel & Accessories

Apparel dropped overall, but showed growth in Valentine’s Day gifts and an Amazon intimates brand called “Mae”—retailers should note this move to release apparel under specialty brands, rather than Amazon or AmazonBasics.

Amazon Feb 2018: Apparel & Accessories


Grocery slowed less than other categories in Feb, suggesting AmazonFresh is gaining steam. Items like limes show extremely high conversion rates, suggesting they are popular “add on” items (people buy without ever visiting the product page).

Amazon Feb 2018: Grocery

Spotlight: Amazon Home Services

Services Skyrocket in February

Visits to Amazon’s new Home Services category jumped 32% in February, making it the fastest-growing category that month. Amazon’s decision to take on home services represents a variety of competitive threats to labor marketplaces like Task Rabbit, home cleaning startups like Tidy, and Best Buy’s Geek Squad to name a few.

Below, we see the top ten most-purchased services on Amazon in February, with home cleaning topping the list in the 1st and 2nd spots. However, it appears that many shoppers are still reluctant to open their homes to cleaners. People are much more likely to convert on technical services like smart home consultations and screen replacements.

Amazon Feb 2018: Top Selling Services

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