Cyber Week 2017, Part 1: The…

Cyber Week 2017, Part 1: The Headlines

Top Headlines for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Top Stats for the Online Retail Industry

Cyber Week 2017: From Monday 20-Nov to Cyber Monday 27-Nov, visits to the online retail industry have increased by 6% YoY, to 1.4 billion visits.
The Lead Up: Largest YoY growth occurred on the Friday to Sunday (17- 19 Nov), prior to Cyber Week.
Black Friday (24th Nov): Visits were up 1% YoY, an addition of 2.7 million visits, to 200.0 million visits.
Cyber Monday (27th Nov): Visits were up 7%, an addition of 12.0 million visits, to 195.7 million visits.

UK Cyber Week 2017: Online Visits
Source: Hitwise, Industry: Shopping & Classifieds

Top 10 Retailers on Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Amazon dominated with 25-26% of all retail traffic (similar to 2016 figures). A different set of retailers entered the top 10 on Cyber Monday vs Black Friday, such as: Marks & Spencer (despite not participating in Black Friday sales), and House of Fraser.

UK Cyber Week 2017: Top 10 Retailers
Source: Hitwise, Industry: Shopping & Classifieds

Amazon UK: Key Insights from Cyber Week 2017

Launched their sales on the Friday 17-Nov:
On day of launch, Amazon received 40.5 million visits to their site (which was an increase of 12%, compared to the previous day). Over 2.4 million transactions were also processed on the 17th (at a visit-to-conversion rate of 6.0%).

Amazon received more visits on Cyber Monday, than Black Friday!
Amazon actually received more visits on Cyber Monday of 51.2 million, compared to Black Friday of 50.3 million (a difference of 2%). In other words, Amazon still pushed promotions heavily on their top products, like Nintendo Switch, Fitbit and Sonos, right through to Cyber Monday.

Amazon saw more conversions on Black Friday, but had higher YoY growth on Cyber Monday:
The number of transactions were still higher on Black Friday, at 3.9 million (7.7% visit-to-conversion rate), than Cyber Monday at 3.7 million (7.1% visit-to-conversion rate). Amazon’s conversions on Cyber Monday were up 15% compared to last year (vs. 5% YoY on Black Friday).

Which Industries Got Involved This Year?

Cyber Week is no longer an electronics-only frenzy: 2017 saw greater participation from non-traditional retail verticals and non-retail sectors.

UK Cyber Week Report: Retail Industries
Source: Hitwise

Cyber Week is not only for the sellers, but also an opportunity for other channels to promote or publish:

UK Cyber Week 2017: Media Industries
Source: Hitwise. * Industry includes Campaign Live, The Drum and Econsultancy etc.

Top Risers in Retail in 2017

Top retailers were battling it out the week before & week of Cyber Week.

A number of other retailers and brands capitalised on the week of Black Friday.

(Visit Share to Shopping & Classifieds, w/e 25-Nov, YoY):

UK Cyber Week 2017: Retail Risers
Source: Hitwise

Top Risers in Other Industries in 2017

Non-retail Sellers, particularly in Travel and Ticketing.

(Visit Share to All Industries, w/e 25-Nov, YoY):

UK Cyber Week 2017: Industry Risers
Source: Hitwise

Traffic Sources in 2017

For the online retail industry, in the week ending 25-Nov, YoY:
(Source: Hitwise, Industry: Shopping & Classifieds)

Search was the top channel used to drive traffic, at 39.6% of all clicks for the online retail industry.

Share of clicks from email grew by 16%, to 2.5% of all clicks for the online retail industry.

Print Media
Share of clicks from Print Media also grew, by 29% for the industry, to 2.4% of all clicks.

Looking at the Top 50 Retailers, Top 50 Risers, and the Retail Industry:

On Black Friday: Clicks from Rewards & Directories increased, particularly among the Top 50 Risers.
On Cyber Monday: Clicks from Social Media grew, across the online retail industry, top 50 retailers and top 50 risers.

Price Comparison sites were increasingly used this year, before visiting Shopping & Classifieds:

Reviews & Comparison Sites: Clicks from PriceSpy to the retail industry grew by 71%, along with Money Saving Expert (+11%), Trusted Reviews (+47%), Which? (+14%)
Specific Black Friday sites: BlackFridayPro.Net & Black Friday Central.Net, which were new sites to 2017

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