Consumer Electronics Guide

Consumer Electronics Guide


    How can brands grow their online share within retailers?

    See how top brands, including Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Microsoft and Huawei, perform within top walled gardens like Amazon.

    Understand what brands can do to grow their category share across search, browse and purchase stages.


    01. Executive Summary

    02. Search Stage

    03. Browse Stage

    04. Purchase Stage

    05. Quick Wins & Strategic Metrics

    06. How Hitwise Can Help


    Grow online share by understanding brand performance across the consumer journey.

    Top Findings from the Online Consumer Journey

    Source: Hitwise, UK. July 2019 Analysis.


    Brand search is a top indicator for awareness. Benchmark your search rank and identify rising threats.

    Laptop Searchers

    # People Searching for Branded Laptop Terms and YoY Change

    Source: Hitwise, UK. July 2019 YoY Analysis.

    HP outperformed in brand searchers by over 70K than the next top brand, Huawei. 4 out of the top 8 brands have seen a decline in brand searchers YoY.

    Keep tabs on top risers, Huawei and MSI, which have grown 20%+ YoY

    Do you have the right channel mix? Book a call now and identify which affiliates and partners drive high-converting audiences to you and your competition.


    Understand how consumers browse and consider your products within retailers.

    Laptop Page View Share – By Retailer

    Dell’s AO share is 0%
    Source: Hitwise, UK. July 2019 Analysis.

    There is no clear winner for total page view share across top retailers. Four brands take the lion share within Amazon, AO and Currys.

    Top search riser, Huawei, also drew the smallest page view share.


    Track conversion rates to see how effective your promotions are at the point of sale.

    Amazon on Prime Day 2019

    Laptop Category

    Greater searches and page views don’t necessarily translate into more purchases, particularly on peak sales days.

    But other brands, like IOTA, Mircosoft and Huawei, were more effective at converting this activity into purchases.

    Do you have a blind spot on retailer sites? As a brand understand how your products are searched for, viewed, and convert within retailer sites. As a retailer, benchmark your performance on a product, brand, or category level.


    Through online analytics within retailers, brands can:

    • Identify competitive gaps
    • Optimise campaigns & promotions
    • Grow brand visibility & product sales

    What can brands do today?


    This report only scratches the surface of Hitwise metrics and data applications.

    See how this data can be actionable within your business.

    How can your brand grow with Hitwise?

    Through our powerful data set, we can show what is happening online, such as how your brand is searched, viewed and purchased across different categories and product ranges.

    Due to our data depth and frequency, we can produce this analysis within key walled gardens, like Amazon, Currys and AO. This can be delivered on a monthly and weekly basis, and even daily basis over peak trading periods.

    1. Benchmark retailer performance
    across the online journey stages
    •–•Select and grow partnerships
    with the right set of retailers
    2. Identify your share of voice and
    fast risers across different categories
    •–•Capitalise on category gaps and
    product range opportunities
    3. Track consumer demand through
    search and page-level insights
    •–•Optimise ROI from your
    promotions and campaigns

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    About Hitwise

    Hitwise is an online consumer insights provider, that helps brands and agencies, like Ikea, Boots, Barclays, Conde Nast and Group M, segment, reach and engage with online audiences.

    For over 20 years, Hitwise has delivered unique insights into how consumers behave – from initial search to final purchase, at any moment in time, across any device.

    Hitwise is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Germany.

    Our Data

    Hitwise data is derived from a sample of over 3 million online users in the UK from multi-dimensional, globally-compliant and representative sources, which is then anonymised and aggregated to represent the general online population.

    Our methodology is powered by a data collection, transformation and delivery process, founded on established market research principles and proprietary modelling techniques. This allows us to report on different sets of consumers’ digital behaviours at unmatched levels of granularity and frequency.

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