Emerging Mobile Trends and Apps: Travel…

Emerging Mobile Trends and Apps: Travel Inspire

Popular apps, behaviors, and mobile industry trends

App Rankings: App Store vs. Play Store

Getting and retaining loyal app users remains a challenge for many travel brands. But for those who succeed, the benefits are clear: app users tend to be highly engaged and spend more money in-app. This chart breaks down the top travel apps in the App Store and Google Play Store over four weeks in September.

Travel Apps 2017: Top Travel Apps

Priceline Shows App Install Growth

The Pricleine Group started its year with a bang, with accommodation bookings growing by 27.4% in Q. Booking.com, Priceline’s largest property, consistently maintained the #1 spot in both the App Store and the Play Store. However, their smaller brand, Priceline, also showed a surprising bump in app intalls at the end of September, surpassing Travelocity int he Play Store and Trivago in the App Store.

Travel Apps 2017: Google and Apple Store App Rankings

The growth of the Priceline app could be due to a number of factors, but it’s clear that the Priceline Group is continuing to invest in this app on top of their star player, Booking.com.

The Priceline homepage prominently features a “text a download link” box and, unlike Travelocity (who Priceline eclipsed in the Play Store last month), Priceline directs visitors to download their app at the very top of their mobile website.

Snapshot of Travel App Users

What characterizes people who use travel apps? How are they different form the general population of travelers? Below, we seek to better understand what makes app users tick, so marketers can increase installs and improve the in-app experience. For example, based on the “Attitude” at the bottom of this chart, travel services might surface more promotions for quick weekend getaways within their app.

Travel Apps 2017: Users Snapshot

Mobile Search: Summer Travel & Hurricanes

The chart below tracks the top fast-growing searches driving traffic to the travel industry this summer. We see Hurricane Harvey and Irma affecting behavior, as mobile searches for “Houston” and “transtar” (a Houston traffic site), and desktop searches for maps of Texas and Florida grew rapidly from Q2 to Q3. There was also rapid growth in flight status checks, and alternate travel options like buses, trains, and truck rental.

Travel Apps: Fast-Moving Search Clicks

When it comes to popular unbranded searches at the end of the summer, the effects of hurricanes still resonated. Particularly, in the wake of natural disasters, it’s important that travel companies support concerned travelers with frequent communication, travel and safety maps, and mobile optimized flight status checks.

Travel Apps 2017: Top Unbranded Searches

Travel Clickstream: Desktop vs. Mobile

Understanding where people go before reaching your site can help travel brands capture travelers earlier, and provide them with a more seamless experience base don their mobile vs. desktop journey.

Travel Apps 2017: Activity Before Visiting A Travel Website
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