Holiday Packages Report

Holiday Packages Report

Key insights into online demand & the audience behind the searches

Holiday packages and all-inclusive travel bundles could be considered the holy grail of travel deals – who doesn’t want the biggest bang for their buck?

Whether it’s tropical, alpine, or on Aussie soil, this data sheet looks at when and how people search for package holidays. We’ll also dig into the package holiday audience, their top destinations, and the current market leaders.

Seasonality of Search Behavior

Understanding when search demand for package holiday terms changes is key when planning 2018 campaigns. Looking at historical trends enables you to anticipate changes in behavior and stay one step ahead of the competition.

There has been a 30% year on year fall in search demand for package or all-inclusive holidays terms. This could suggest lower overall demand for package holidays.

Peak search periods occur immediately following Christmas, as well as over the early to mid-Winter period in Australia.

Holiday Packages Report: Search Demand
4 rolling week period, over 52 weeks ending 21 October 2017.

Search Behavior & Themes

Looking at the top keywords searched allows you to gain insight into the most in-demand themes and destinations around package holidays.

You can use these keywords to optimize current campaigns and offers on site, create email and social media content, and update site tags to ensure you’re capturing all associated traffic where possible.

The audience searching for package holidays used 1,900 unique search term variations over the last 12 weeks. The chat below highlights key themes and destinations.

Holiday Packages Report: Individual Keywords
12 rolling weeks ending 21 October 2017

Share of Voice – Current Market Leaders

What’s the current state of play for package-related traffic? Understanding current market positions and unknown competitors in this space can better inform strategic planning and spending decisions.

The sites that receive the largest share of traffic from package holiday terms were Expedia, Webjet, Flight Centre, and TripAdvisor.

Collectively, these OT’s and meta sites hold just over 40% of the market share. Impressively, Expedia alone holds 15% of package-related search traffic.

Interestingly, Flight Centre’s paid reliance for these terms was noticeably lower than other big OTA and meta players.

Holiday Packages Report: Websites Receiving Traffic
12 rolling weeks ending 21 October 2017

Planning for 2018

Who was the audience behind the 2017 peak period for package holidays? Let’s break down the potential market for 2018, and profile the package holiday audience to ensure your messaging is aligned accordingly.

Holiday Packages Report: People Searching for Packages

12 rolling weeks ending 18 March 2017.

What industries was this audience most likely to be found visiting online during the peak? Better understanding where audiences are online can assist with media and campaign planning, identifying new partners, or informing creative for display ads.

Holiday Packages Report: Where Consumers Were Online
12 rolling weeks ending 18 March 2017.

Planning for 2018: Audience Overlaps by Brand

When searching for package holidays, what destinations resonated most with audiences visiting OTA and meta sites? It can be valuable to determine the percentage of people that visited a competitor site and also searched for a specific destination.

During th e peak period, TripAdvisor had the largest overlap of visitors and destination searchers across QLD, Fiji, Bali, and Hawaii – they reached over 80% of people searching for each destination.

Holiday Packages Report: OTA Audience Overlap
12 rolling weeks ending 18 March 2017.

Looking past dominant player TripAdvisor, Flight Centre and Expedia had their own competitive edges across different destination audiences: Flight Centre outperformed the other brands for share of QLD and Hawaii package searches. Expedia held the highest audience overlap for Fiji and Bali packages.

Use this data to better understand how each player performed at an audience level – establish their focus in order to strengthen your own strategy for 2018.

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