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Home & Garden UK Online Shopping Trends


KEY DROPS – Product category

Anticipated as the next big weekend for retailers after Christmas, Easter missed expectations for the Home & Garden sector.

The Beast From The East and the earlier timing of Easter (falling 2 weeks in advance compared to last year) had hampered the high street. UK retail footfall declined by 10% on Good Friday and 12% on Easter Sunday YoY, according to Springboard.

Hitwise data also showed that key Home & Garden categories experienced declining or sluggish online growth, compared to last year’s Easter.

But there are signs of recovery. Category searches have risen in the most recent weeks as weather conditions improve, with the Early May Bank Holiday seeing its hottest temperature in 40 years.

In this report, we look at top search and product trends over Easter YoY, and spotlight retailers and audiences driving growth in the sector.

Search Insights


This year, audiences have turned their attention to the indoors with plants, indoor paints or wallpapers and storage searches growing.

In this chapter, we look into Garden, DIY and Furniture searches in the weeks leading up to Easter, as well as compare the top-rising and top-declining products YoY.

Trend by Category 


Product Level Search


The UK experienced an unseasonal heatwave in March 2017, which bolstered garden searches by 30%. Products that drove 2017’s growth, such as “sun loungers” and “BBQs”, have since seen the largest declines in 2018.

Big purchases that drove 2017’s DIY category also failed to reach the same heights. Searches for “pressure washers” and “power drills” dropped by
30%+, along with outdoor DIY like “decking paint”.

Whilst Furniture overall saw similar results to last year, certain products had fallen out of interest. Compared to 2016’s Easter, products like “wicker” or “recliner” chairs and “leather” sofas dropped by 25%+.

Product Level Search


Whilst outdoor Garden & DIY searches declined, people instead turned to the indoors with plants, indoor paints/wallpapers and storage searches.

Audience Zoom


As product trends come and go, it’s never been more important to micro-segment by product category. Almost 750,000 people searched for garden products over Easter. Another 26,500 people searched for the top-growing product, “indoor plants” (and variations of the term). The audience behind this micro-segment, “Indoor Planters”, was almost at polar opposites to the wider “Garden” audience, from demographics, motivations to channel preferences.

Winners by Category


Who had won the online traffic of the “Indoor Planter” and “Gardener” over Easter?

Amazon UK dominated for both segments, attracting 13.7% of traffic from Indoor Plant searches and 10.6% from Garden searches.

But looking at the top 5 recipients, a different set of retailers arose. Appealing to the urban millennial, premium supermarket, Waitrose Garden, ranked second at 5.8% search share, followed by flat-pack retailer, Ikea, at 3.1% search share.

For the older, suburban Gardener, traditional DIY retailers, including DIY/B&Q, Wickes and Screwfix, rounded out the
top 5.

Audience Zoom


Home ownership is another key variable for any segmentation exercise in the Home & Garden sector. The chart on the next slide profiles renters vs. homeowners who have searched for DIY or Furniture products over Easter. Not only do demographics vary, so do their interests and interactions with House &
Garden sites.

Winners by Category


Who won the online traffic of the “Renter” and “Homeowner” in the DIY and Furniture categories?

The top 5 recipients for these audience segments were on par, with Amazon again dominating, particularly for Homeowners. Argos, Screwfix, Dunelm and Wayfair attracted similar share across the two segments. But when we zoom into the long tail, we see a different set of retailers attracting each segment.

Over Easter, Renters were 1000%+ more likely to visit online specialists sites like Paint & Paper and Mano Mano. Whereas, Homeowners were 200%+ more likely to visit wholesale sites for flooring and tiles.

Home & Garden is a competitive online market, particularly with Amazon’s dominance across categories. Retailers can find success by marketing to audience segment, through trend and/or persona.

Key Takeaways

Plan for turbulent weather in 2018
Search analysis over Easter showed the undeniable impact of the weather to Garden + DIY categories online. Ensure weather by region is factored into your product promotion planning, as conditions improve for the next bank holidays.

Track fast-moving search terms by category
Wicker is out, indoor plants are in… Ensure tracking of fast-moving search terms by category is a weekly or even daily occurrence over peak periods. Benchmark category performance across your competitors to identify product
gaps and opportunities.

Market by micro-segments to gain share
Amazon’s dominance across Garden, DIY and Furniture categories is undisputable. A way to compete is through micro-segmentation by trend (e.g. Indoor Planter) and/or by persona (e.g. Renter or Homeowner). Identify your
segments’ needs and channel preferences, in order to tailor product and marketing campaigns.

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