How to Target and Convert Credit…

How to Target and Convert Credit Card Searchers: Australian Market

Key Search Trends & Audience Insights: This report will explore keyword trends, audience behavior, and examples of how brands can use Hitwise insights strategically to reach credit card researchers.

SEO Opportunities

There are many ways to uncover search trends within the credit card industry, “branded” searches are most common, showing consumers who already have a specific brand in mind and may be further along in their research.

“Unbranded” search terms present opportunities for credit card companies and aggregators to catch consumers in their initial research phase. With these terms they can compete for SEO rankings by incorporating highly organic keywords in their website metadata and content strategy. Below we see the top unbranded keywords.

AU Credit Card Report: Top Unbranded Searches

Understanding how search demand for a product term is changing is critical in effectively targeting credit card researchers. For example, monitoring year-on-year changes in search terms can help you adapt your strategy based on increasing popularity.

AU Credit Card Report: YOY Unbranded Searches

Branded Searches: Banks & Financial Institutions

Below are the credit card search variations (top 100) which referenced banks or financial institution brands.

Westpac followed by ANZ sit in top spot with the highest share. However, Commonwealth Bank has three searches appearing in the top 10 making up nearly 13% share of these

AU Credit Card Report: Top Branded Searches

Branded Searches: Non-Financial

Below are the credit card search variations (top 100) which include the brand names of non-traditional providers, such as retailers and airlines.

AU Credit Card Report: Branded Searches for Non-Financial
AU Credit Card Report: Top 3 Branded Credit Cards

Audience Analysis: Where to target Qantas Credit Card Searchers

Understanding the people behind searches for a Qantas credit card helps create the right messaging in ads.

AU Credit Card Report: Qantas Searchers

Credit card companies have a wealth of data on those who already have a product with them, but AudienceView can help to target more of these people by understanding their online preferences.

AU Credit Card Report: Qantas Industries

This audience is 30% less likely to visit Social Networking sites but does over-index for visits to LinkedIn (99%) and WhirlPool Forums (37%).

You may expect people searching for a Qantas credit card to be more engaged with the Destinations & Accommodation industry; but it is interesting to see the brands that overindexed the most to identify display and partnership opportunities, or to demonstrate the success of an existing partnership (Viator, Airbnb, IHG).

AU Credit Card Report: Qantas Destination Sites
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