Long Haul vs. Short Haul Travel…

Long Haul vs. Short Haul Travel Inspire

Local versus International Travel Trends and Searches Moving Into 2017

Key Takeaways

Short-haul “staycations” are becoming increasingly popular alternatives for travelers. Looking at people’s expenditures, mode of transportation, and destination choices, we are able to determine key differences and similarities between the short-haul and long-haul vacationers. This Inspire will analyze key insights using Hitwise data to better understand the two segments moving into 2017.

Destination-Focused Searches
Consumers are getting more specific in the way they search for staycations. The top search terms are destination-focused.

Vacation Locations
Consumers looking for long-haul international vactaions tend to gravitate towards Mexico/Caribbean destinations and several European countries.

Long-Haul vs. Short-Haul
Looking at vacation expenditures on average, long-haul international vacationers spend more per trip. However, short-haul vacationers tend to make multiple weekend trips and have similar expenditures when looking at the individual breakouts.

Modes of Transportation
The automobile is the number one mode of transportation for short-haul vacationers in the US with plane following a close second. Long-haul international vacationers tend to use several modes of transportation. these include boat, bus, and railroad.

Short-Haul Vacation Searches

Location matters when people are seeking staycations

While the general term “staycation” has shown a large decrease year-over-year with a 63% drop, people searching for variations of that term have increased 298%. The top search terms are location-based, and focus on short-haul or weekend trip destinations. Below are the most engaged regions when it comes to “staycation” searches.

Travel 2016: Top Indexing States for Staycation Searches

International Vacation Destinations

Long-Haul International Vacationers have a high density for visiting the Caribbean and Mexico

For vacationers who are interested in traveling outside the US, several countries attract a high volume of searches. Beach destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico, as well as European vacations, tend to top the list.

Travel 2016: Top International Vacation Destinations
Travel 2016: Top Countries Searched

Vacation Expenditures

When not taking weekend trips, Short-Haul and Long-Haul Vacationers have similar expenditures

On average, Short-Haul Vacationers spend $1,105 per trip and Long-Haul International Vacationers spend $3,253 per trip. However, whether it is a domestic trip or an international trip, the majority of both types of travelers spend int he $1,500 range (excluding short-haul weekend trips).

Travel 2016: Spend
Travel 2016: Spend

Mode of Transportation

Alternate forms of transportation are common for Long-Haul International Vacationers

Traveling by automobile is the preferred method for transportation for Short-Haul vacationers. However, Long-Haul International Vacations choose to use many other sources of transportation, including bus, ship, and railroad.

Travel 2016: Mode of Transportation
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