Who Won Thanksgiving & Black Friday…

Who Won Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2017?

Traffic and Conversions from Peak Week

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The Top 50 retailers in the United States processed an estimated…

Peak Week 2017: Online Transactions

The top two days were…

Peak Week 2017: Top Two Days

As a benchmark, the top 50 retailers processed 5.0 million and 4.7 million transactions online on the 16th and 17th of November, respectively, one week before Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

That means that sales on Thanksgiving and Black Friday were more than 2.6X times greater than the week prior.

Thanksgiving Winners: Traffic & Transactions

Amazon won both peak days, with 5.6 million transactions on Thanksgiving Day and another 7.1 million on Black Friday. Walmart, which came in second both days, processed 1.7 million transactions on Thanksgiving and 1.1 million on Black Friday. Best Buy, Target and Kohl’s rounded out the top five on both days. Some retailers, like Toys R Us and Home Depot, didn’t make the top ten for visits, but did for transactions.

Although most top retailers processed more transactions on Black Friday, some actually did better on Thanksgiving. For instance, Sam’s Club and GameStop both processed more than twice as many transactions on Thanksgiving Day as on Black Friday. This suggests that shoppers moved online as most retailers were closed on Thanksgiving.

Peak Week 2017: Retailers by Visits on Thanksgiving
*Share of transactions processed by the top 50 online retailers. Transactions may include multiple items purchased at the same time.

Black Friday Winners: Traffic & Transactions

Black Friday saw the most traffic and transactions by numbers compared to Thanksgiving. The top ten most trafficked sites differed slightly from Thanksgiving, with brands like Newegg making the top ten visits chart. In terms of transactions, Apple saw a huge bump in numbers on Black Friday, as did Old Navy.

Peak Week 2017: Retailers by Visits on Black Friday
*Share of transactions processed by the top 50 online retailers. Transactions may include multiple items purchased at the same time.

Cyber Monday Winners: Traffic & Transactions

Cyber Monday took the prize for the top transaction day of Peak Week, with the top 50 retailers processing more than 14.5 million online transactions. Amazon.com came out on top again on Cyber Monday, registering more than 8.6 million transactions, making it the retailer’s best day of peak week. Nearly 6 out of every 10 online transactions processed by the top 50 retailers were made on Amazon.com. As a result, most other retailers lost share.

Most of the retailers with the top transactions were also those with the most visits on Cyber Monday. Interestingly, Apple ranked fourth in terms of Cyber Monday visits, but 11th in terms of transactions, suggesting that shoppers were doing more research on Apple.com and buying Apple products elsewhere, like on Best Buy.

Peak Week 2017: Retailers by Visits on Cyber Monday
*Share of online transactions processed by the top 50 retailers.

Conversion Rate

In terms of conversion rate, meaning the share of visitors to a site that ultimately made a purchase, Old Navy did the best on Black Friday with 9.1% of visitors making a purchase. On Thanksgiving Day, Shutterfly had the highest conversion rate of 8.0%. Sam’s Club also saw the biggest difference in conversion rate between Thanksgiving and Black Friday (2.9% versus 1.6%).

Peak Week 2017: Conversion Rates on Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Other Retailers with considerably higher conversion rates on Thanksgiving than Black Friday included Lowe’s, Microsoft, GameStop and Best Buy. On Black Friday, Apple saw their conversion rate more than double from 0.7% on Thanksgiving to 1.7%. Sephora, Menards, Overstock and L. L. Bean also saw much better conversion rates on Black Friday.

L.L. Bean won the conversion game on Cyber Monday, with 1 out of every 10 visits resulting in a purchase. That’s considerably better than the retailer had done on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, when conversion rates were 5.5% and 8.3%, respectively. Shutterfly also converted a lot of site visitors on Cyber Monday, as did Old Navy.

In general, conversion rates were higher among the top sites on Cyber Monday than on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, indicating that shoppers had done all the browsing they needed to do over the long weekend and it was time to get down to business.

Peak Week 2017: Cyber Monday Conversion Rates
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