State of Publishing: April 2018 –…

State of Publishing: April 2018 – US Market

Top 20 Publishers

April saw a couple changes in the news rankings. After dropping three spots last month, USA Today reclaimed its place in 6th. BBC and Daily Mail dipped slightly in response, and NPR lost about 10 million visits compared to last month.

US State of Publishing: April 2018 - Top 20 Publishers

Meanwhile, Reuters climbed back up the rankings after falling last month, and Newsweek held its place in the 20th spot for the second month in a row.

Trending Topics

This month, many of the top stories were dominated by human interest pieces, public tragedies and celebrity news. The normally fervent national focus on politics narrowed on coverage about Michael Cohen, lawyer to President Trump and Fox News pundit Sean Hannity.

US State of Publishing: April 2018 - Trending

Junot Diaz Trauma

The #1 story in April was authored by famous writer Junot Díaz, perhaps best known for his top-selling novel, Drown. In his harrowing account, Díaz revealed for the first time the trauma he suffered from repeated sexual assault as a child, and how this experience poisoned almost every aspect of his life.

US State of Publishing: April 2018 - New Yorker

This intimate story was shared widely, and its popularity suggests increasing public openness to more public conversations about sexual assault — and the way it affects both women and communities of color.

Readership of this story skewed almost exclusively towards the youngest readers, 18-24 year olds. Although men generally over-index for news content, women were slightly more interested in this New Yorker piece than men.

US State of Publishing: April 2018 - Non New Yorker

In coverage about Junot Díaz outside of the top article, we see that older audiences — aged between 35 – 54 years old — were also interested in this story.

Michael Cohen Raid

Although most news cycles are crowded with several political stories, from Russia to the latest presidential tweet, this month was focused almost exclusively on Michael Cohen.

US State of Publishing: April 2018 - NY Times

Stories about the FBI raid of Cohen’s office, as well as his ties to political commentator Sean Hannity, attracted a lot of attention. Interestingly, the top New York Times article about the FBI raid garnered almost an exclusively young audience. Meanwhile, the aggregate of all articles about Michael Cohen attracted a more senior crowd, and concentrated mostly on the coasts.

US State of Publishing: April 2018 - Michael Cohen
US State of Publishing: April 2018 - Regional Map

YouTube HQ Shooting

The April shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, CA gained a lot of public attention, after three employees were injured and another was killed.

US State of Publishing: April 2018 - CNN

As with most stories about shootings, the top article was consumed predominantly by men (although in this case the shooter was actually female). Readership skewed heavily towards 18-24 year olds, and concentrated on the West Coast, where the shooting took place.

US State of Publishing: April 2018 - Article Map

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