State of Publishing: December 2017 –…

State of Publishing: December 2017 – US Market

Who Won the Top Stories In December?

Top 20 Publishers

December showed very little shake-up in the top twenty news list. Slate experienced a sudden drop in ranking from 17 down to 20 this month, possibly losing relative traffic after their popular November article about people grappling with the gray areas of harassment. In turn, the three publications below Slate rose up above it.

State of Publishing Dec 2017: Top 20 Publishers

Trending Topics

December was a fragmented month in news — political coverage spanned a variety of topics, including American military strategy with ISIS, the Russia investigation, and the new tax bill. Stories of sexual harassment continued rising to the surface, and the Net Neutrality repeal took center stage as the second-most read topic of the month.

State of Publishing Dec 2017: Trending Topics

Net Neutrality Repeal

The New York TImes article covering the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality came out on December 14th, and was the second-most read news piece of the month. Although New York Times readership tends to skew older, viewers of this particular article skewed heavily towards young men — they were 58% male, and 62% more likely to be between 18-24 years old.

Hitwise measured the aggregated audience composition of all major articles covering Net Neutrality in December, and found a very similar pattern of readership — nearly 60% male, and 45% more likely to be aged 18-24. This suggests that Millennial men in particular are strongly interested in the issue of (and fate surrounding) Net Neutrality.

The Gillibrand Tweets

On December 12th the President tweeted about Kirsten Gillibrand, suggesting that she’d do anything for money — some interpreted the tweet to be sexually suggestive.

State of Publishing Dec 2017: Gillibrand Article Demographics
State of Publishing Dec 2017: Washington Post Demographics

The age demographics for both the top Washington Post article, and all aggregated coverage of this story, show a largely Senior readership. Interest was also concentrated in the coasts (New Englanders were 26% more likely to read this article), whereas the South was less likely to show interest in the story.

State of Publishing Dec 2017: Washington Post Regional Breakdown

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