State of Publishing : February 2018…

State of Publishing : February 2018 – US Market

Top 20 Publishers

The news industry experienced a few shakeups the top and bottom of the rankings this month. USA Today enjoyed a small traffic boost, which moved them up to 6th. Reuters also climbed the ranks, and has enjoyed traffic growth since the beginning of the year. Time and The Daily Beast also saw slight bumps in February.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Times dropped in the rankings yet again, and has been plummeting for four months straight. The WSJ and Atlantic also dropped a peg or two, but they may just be equalizing after meteoric rises last month.

State of Publishing Feb 2018: Top Publishers

Trending Topics

This month’s #1 article covered the experiences of Uma Thurman, and was in the vein of their other NY Times pieces that sparked the #MeToo movement. The majority of the top articles in February, however, centered around the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida. President Trump’s impending military parade also stirred some attention and controversy.

State of Publishing Feb 2018: Trending Topics

Uma Thurman Story

On February 3rd, NY Times published a column in which Uma Thurman detailed unwanted advances from Harvey Weinstein and pressure from Quentin Tarantino to drive an unsafe car on set. Although many condemned these actions, some of the reactions to Thurman’s story were also laced with confusion.

State of Publishing Feb 2018: Uma Thurman NYT Article

State of Publishing Feb 2018: Uma Thurman All Coverage

People reading this story were mostly young and, perhaps surprisingly, male. As with many celebrity stories, readership was concentrated on the coasts. Interestingly, the East South Central (Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc.) also over-indexed for this story.

State of Publishing Feb 2018: Uma Thurman News Breakdown

Parkland Shooting

Shockwaves spread across America on Feb 14th, after 17 people died during a mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. In days following, many young survivors spoke out, urgently requesting politicians to pursue gun reform.

State of Publishing Feb 2018: All Parkland Shooter Articles
State of Publishing Feb 2018: All Parkland Articles

Most of the readership of this story leaned towards 18-24 year olds, but articles specifically about the shooter also garnered focus from ages 45-54. Unsurprisingly, regions close to Florida over-indexed, but so did the West North Central (Dakotas, Missouri, Kansas etc.). Much of the western United States under-indexed for this story.

State of Publishing Feb 2018: Parkland Shooting Regional Breakdown

US Military Parade

On February 6th, the Washington Post reported that the White House is planning a military parade in order to showcase the strength of the American armed forces. This move drew strong reactions from across the aisle.

State of Publishing Feb 2018: Military Parade Washington Post
State of Publishing Feb 2018: Military Parade Articles

Interest in military parade coverage skewed more towards older readers than other stories this month — this may be, in part, because parades were once a major part of US military history. Regionally, most of middle America was drawn to this topic, while both Southern and coastal states were not.

State of Publishing Feb 2018: Military Parade Regional Breakdown

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