Video Streaming Subscribers Report

Video Streaming Subscribers Report

Analysis of Netflix, Stan, and Foxtel Audiences

The rapid rise of entertainment on demand has left Australia ‘streaming’ with video subscription options.

Netflix and Stan have been the key players in the market, but they have recently been challenged by Foxtel Go, which replaced Foxtel Play in an attempt to both attract new customers and keep customers looking to cut the cord.

This report will look at the size, demographic makeup and overlap of the audiences behind these three on-demand services.

Audience Sizing

It’s not a surprise that Netflix looms large in the streaming subscription industry, with a little over 3 million Aussies using the on-demand entertainment service, and an audience 5.4 times larger than nearest rival Stan.

*12 weeks ending 28/10/17, Unique Users visiting login pages via a web browser (excludes app data).

How Loyal are Subscribers? Analyzing Audience Overlap

With the variety of streaming services available choosing just one can be difficult, especially if your current service doesn’t have the show you are dying to see. Using AudienceView data we can understand the exclusive versus overlapping audiences using these services.

*12 weeks ending 28/10/17, Unique Users visiting login pages via a web browser (excludes app data).

Subscribers or Just Visiting? Stan vs. Netflix

After we have measured audience overlap, we can break down the Stan and Netflix visitors by people who logged in to the service vs. those that visited without logging in.

Consumers that didn’t login represent potential customers who can be targeted through the help of AudienceView.

*12 weeks ending 28/10/17, all visits via a web browser vs those that went to the login page (excludes app data).

Demographics by Brand

Looking at how these three audiences index for Gender, Age and State variables compared to the average online population helps us understand where their strengths lie.

Foxtel Now – Spotlight

Especially for a newly launched provider like Foxtel Now, understanding the online preferences of their subscribers and where else they visit online can support strategic planning to grow their audience.

The sites below are a selection of those that their audience is more likely to visit. These brand preferences can inspire content ideas and reveal potential advertising partners.

*12 weeks ending 28/10/17, all visits via a web browser to Foxtel Now (excludes app data) vs the online population.

With the recent introduction of app install data into AudienceView, we are now able to show how apps are performing across the Apple and Play stores. Over one month Foxtel Now received 44k installs vs over 433k for Netflix.

*4 weeks ending 28/10/17, app installs combined from the Apple and Play Stores.

Netflix and Stan can use this data to monitor how effective Foxtel Now is at recruiting new subscribers, and to track whether a particular campaign has a direct impact on installs.

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